gently, we return…

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design begins

Video design and photo by James Kendal

Are we transforming the space or the relationships?


We have returned for the culmination of nearly 3 years of research and development for The Art of Peace: show time! Designer and technical whiz, James Kendal joins us in the Blue Barracks while we catch Lisa up on what was discovered during the last development phase. Thankfully, the archival video from the work-in-progress showing is already jogging our memories… and shaking up a slew of new ideas and questions.

Mortar shell dramaturgy.


meditation/ ceremony

is this still a meditation on peace?
the room is war.
the room is death.
the barracks are a waiting room for death.
for boy-children and men to prepare to kill or be killed.

where/ when/ how does the tension coil?

where/ when/ how does it release?


— Lisa

*Photo by James Kendal.