keeping up with ourselves…

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We are missing Sylvie; she has been struck down by a narcissistic cold virus that thinks her world revolves around it. Her absence is keenly felt.

photo by James Kendal.

photo by James Kendal.

… through line/ story line and revelation
… there seems to be one clear story: gerry and sylvie
… when are we our every day selves
… when are we ‘other’
… what does breaking the artifice serve?

The script is evolving at such a pace that we are having a hard time keeping up. It’s exciting but exhausting. It’s confusing even as it’s clarifying.
New work is not for the faint of heart.

reaching and suspension

… for what
… from what
… going towards what/ who
… leaving what/ who

does the space and our relationship with it
drive the tension and action of peace?