Pound’Around: Public Recordings Season Launch Party

Posted on Oct 6, 2016 in News | No Comments

Gerry, Cass, and Emma pounding around

After a long day’s work, I’m always ready to get together with a few artists and head over to any season launch party, especially Public Recordings. For those of you that may not know me, I am Emma Bulpin, and I am a Pound’Around enthusiast.  What’s a pound’around you might ask? Well, lbs/sq” associates, friends, colleagues, and artists get together to support and connect communities one Thursday every month. We want to delve into the Toronto arts community and start talking about how creativity is both nurtured and thwarted when people team up! When we support each other, we become a force! So… let’s start poundin’ pavements!

For our Fall POUND’AROUND we chose to grab a beverage at The Common on College to join friends and hear about Public Recordings season’s projects. We even picked up a book and made new pen pals along the way…

Pounds is thrilled to join Public Recordings’ 2016-2017 season as a speaker, listener, participant and critic, which is mandated on the opening statements of their season book. Pounds was happy to clink glasses and support an amazing collaborative group that balances on the line between dance and theatre. We’re looking forward to their upcoming season that kicked off this September 23rd with ‘what we are saying’, a performance that presents the conditions of bare utterance through a composition of sound and movement. ‘what we are saying’ is touring Southern Ontario this fall, so check out the link below for more information on tickets and booking!

[Public Recordings is even doing a series of workshops called Choreographies of Encounter starting in Toronto, and in each community they visit!]

As the night moved toward the morning, Gerry Tretham and I said good bye to some old pals but newer friends of Pounds Per Square Inch Performance. We talked about art and passion- we exchanged names and business cards- but most importantly, we gained new connections and built a new relationship… because establishing a higher level of art appreciation is necessary.  WE as artists can lead the way!

Until Next Time Pounders……