The Apology Project is a collision of performance, visual and media art examining shame, falling and oppression from multiple perspectives. With these distinctive artists, the project has become a research lab beyond the work itself. It has challenged definitions of classical/contemporary art forms and their presentation and curation. It has engaged multiple disciplines of study to establish a dialogue with fewer boundaries. The work can be installed in a variety of contexts, galleries, and/or theaters, and as a bi-national collaboration discusses ideas and metaphors of “falling” – both as individual and as nation.

The work keeps redefining itself as it is installed in various locations – CCDT in Toronto, Clarion University in Pennsylvania, Buffalo Art Studio, Silo City in Buffalo NY – parts of the work are whole works and the work can be performed in parts in various locations.  Each physical space asks for varied versions and aspects of the work from the traditional theatre space to a back alley.  Each time the work is named after what it’s location evokes.

In the newest creation/production for a premiere in Toronto the work transforms into a duet with Gerry Trentham and Kevin Ormsby and will be sure to make waves with deep questions of the nature of an apology that can change a landscape and create a renewed environment.  lbs/sq” Associate Artist Diane Roberts has joined the team as associate director, dramaturg and as cultural animator of the new installation entitled SILOS.

performer, choreographer Gerry Trentham
visual artist Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff
filmmaker Valerie Buhagiar
dancer/choreographer Kevin Ormsby
associate director/dramaturg Diane Roberts
video artist Jesse Deganis-Librera
lighting designer Simon Rossiter
dance dramaturg Denise Fujiwara
sound design Jessa Agilo

Upcoming Performances
918 Bathurst in studio showings April 13 & 14, 2017
Harbourfront Centre NextSteps, Toronto, September 2017
Silo City, Marine A Terminals, Buffalo, July 2018

 The Apology Project Press Kit 2017