Art of Peace, a dance-based performance installation, explores our relationship to peace set inside walls built for war. Stories, images, and somatic textures weave a legacy of how we fight within and throughout to claim what is ours, to find peace and to nourish ourselves.

We premiered the first of this series of works entitled Art of Peace (part one) – invitation  in one of Toronto’s most engaging open winter spaces. We gathered intimately in the warmth of the Blue Barracks of Fort York to honour and measure the cost of peace from our Indigenous and immigrant-settler roots. Thank you to the audience who donned parkas and searched through construction to make it to the barracks to feast with mouth, eyes, and ears.

Agilo Arts FortYorkSky

The premiere of the work from February 11th – 20th, 2016 at Fort York Historic Site included a Gala performance and dialogue that invited intimate discussions (around the tables that were danced on) about the nature of peace. The art work seemed to include and necessitate powerful story telling.  Diane Roberts invited speakers to share their stories. The audience, using the new art work as an example and invitation, felt free to express deeply moving experiences that inspired an evening of performance and dialogue as art.

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Gerry Trentham, Choreography, Text, Performer
Julia Aplin, Performer, Score/ Musical Arrangement, Text
Sylvie Bouchard, Performer, Project Advising, Translation, Text
Lisa C. Ravensbergen, Performer, Text, Dramaturgy
Michael Caldwell, Performer, Associate Collaborator
Diane Roberts, Cultural Animator

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