2011 Four Mad Humours card

Four Mad Humours is a binational interdisciplinary performance work that links American and Canadian cites and performers. The work consists of four solo performances created in four cites: Toronto, Montreal Chicago and Buffalo. Based on the Elizabethan Humours and researching the nature of madness the audience is witness to both live and live feed virtual performance. The four solo works include Linnea Swan in Phlegmaitc (Shades of Blue), Gerry Trentham in Choleric (In Yellow Scale), Amy Taravella in Sanguine (Degrees of Red), and James Morrow in Melancholy (Measured in Green). Linnea Swan was nominated for a 2011/12 Dora Award for her performance in Toronto. 

60 minutes (2011)
choreographer, artistic director Gerry Trentham
James Morrow, Linnea Swan,
Amy Taravella, Gerry Trentham
media designer Jamie O’Neil
filmmaker Michael Stecky
composer/musician Brad Fuster
lighting designer Scott Drysdale
costume designer Ann Emo
photographer/media artist Jermey Mimnagh
dancer Deborah Dunn

Press Kit (PDF English) | (PDF French)

Four Mad Humours received a 2012 Toronto Dora Mavor Moore Award Nomination for Outstanding Performance by Linnea Swan.