pounds per square inch presents, Open, Open, Open, produced and hosted by performers Emma Bulpin and Cass Van Wyck. This event invites artists to perform their new work or work in progress in an informal setting. An invited panel of acclaimed artists will join the audience and will offer specific feedback to encourage performer(s) to continue to workshop their work.


As artists, we know that redefining our work and celebrating critical criticism to strengthen our performance is important as we continue to grow.

Our mission is to enable performers to gather in an inter-arts community in order to connect, enhance, promote and create their strongest work!


In order to help us with this event we are calling ALL artists to submit their work, whatever that might be… We mean really. If you wrote a poem, have a dance, or you want to rehearse a scene, perform your recently written stand-up material, whatever, just submit your work!!!

Check out the OPEN, OPEN, OPEN  Submission_Form & Submission_Guidelines to get your work out there in front of a live audience!


Come join us on April 27th 2017 at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Doors Open at 7PM  |  Show Starts at 8PM


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