Well, by the title (of this text, herein: Trees and Bushes) and the image (that sits inset, therein, above you), we are, yes, about to wax poetic about trees. And well, bushes, too, certainly (surely depending on your view, may not Bushes and Trees differently inspire you?) With the delight of cash (yes, money!) granted from both Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts, pounds is so very pleased to embark on a new (wait for it!) creation process unlike what we have ever captured before (knock on wood, that’ll help it happen, right?) Part humour, part poetry, part wrenching truth about the nature of our nature (wowsers, did we just write that?)…may the explorations of our new go-get-lost-(and found)-in-the-bush adventures arrive us each (and all) to a new shared root of self and community.

We recently showed the the new work in progress at CCDT in Toronto and are off on our tour of Barns in rural Ontario in fall 2018 — stay tuned

Gerry Trentham  choreography
Sylvie Bouchard, Michael Caldwell   dancers
Jessa Agilo  sound design
Jesse Deganis Librera  documentary video artist
Oriana Pagnotta  rehearsal director
James Kendal  technical director