We send thoughts of love and health to each of you in these difficult times. 


Like many arts organizations pounds per square inch performance has been busy cancelling or postponing programming and strategizing how to honour contracts and commitments through this very difficult financial time.  We are reimbursing full payments for cancelled programs, honouring artist and staff contracts and looking for new ways to ensure we can carry forward with what is most essential to us - our people - artists, teachers, staff and community. Although hopeful we are trying to cancel programs in a timely fashion and provide refunds as it becomes apparent that the program cannot proceed or must be postponed. We do not want to cause any further hardship to those who find themselves financially strapped at this time.


We recently cancelled our Washington workshop and have committed to postponing our Montreal Workshop.  We are still holding off till early April before officially cancelling or postponing our Vancouver and Toronto Intensives.  We are also looking for summer dates where these programs could be moved and will let you know as soon as arrangements are made. 

We are fortunate that our major 2019/20 season performance happened last fall and creation projects have been moved to June when we hope to be able to gather again as artists. 

Stay Safe


Gerry Trentham and the Pounds Team