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A little about what we do


Featuring the creation, production and dissemination of new inter-arts works created by artistic director Gerry Trentham, lbs/sq” associate artists and collaborators.


Fostering environments that support research into contemporary interdisciplinary performance, including process-driven training grounds, research gatherings and mentorship opportunities.


Encouraging attention to the artist’s authentic vision, and a long-term investment in innovation and the extension of the artists’ work through integral association, dialogue and interaction with others.

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Double Bill & Bloom

Double Bill & Bloom

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 in News | No Comments

  Well, what can we say? Most of the time, with our extensive and exploratory creation periods, you get to hear about the next step of creation.  So his may arrive as a bit of shock, but THE SHOWS ARE NOW ONLY DAYS AWAY! Don’t miss Bloom (Mar 8) and Double Bill (Mar 5-14), where […]

Bloom Monday, Giving Tuesday

Bloom Monday, Giving Tuesday

Posted on Dec 1, 2014 in News | No Comments

Do you bloom in winter?  As an interdisciplinary artist (one who studies the deep traditions of a number of art forms then creates in a space of interchange between them), my training and research has, after three decades, begun to create the landscapes I have longed for. It has taken years of learning to negotiate […]

Together Again

Together Again

Posted on Nov 20, 2014 in Art of Peace, Creation | No Comments

Finally. The last time we were all together for some research and development was over a year ago. Nothing much has changed; we are all still over-worked, under-rested, and thrilled to share space with one another in what will be our eventual performance space – the Blue Barracks – at the historic Fort York. We […]

Art of Peace: A Starting Point

Art of Peace: A Starting Point

Posted on Nov 19, 2014 in Art of Peace, Creation | No Comments

A few thoughts as we launch our 2014-15 creation residency at Fort York for The Art of Peace Project: In his article ‘One Self: a Meditation on the Unity of Consciousness’, psychologist and evolutionist, Nicholas Humphrey, focuses on the infant as a central image for his discussion of consciousness. He witnesses his newborn’s ‘selves’ all […]

News: October 2014

News: October 2014

Posted on Oct 15, 2014 in News | No Comments

How long has it been? Too long!  And yet, for me, the days and nights have continued to fly by as I have taken the past year to “re”-review, regenerate, and reinvigorate.  Thanks for your continued patience and support! I am so thankful for the lessons and opportunities of the past year, including retraining and […]

News: March 2014

News: March 2014

Posted on Mar 2, 2014 in News | No Comments

Dear Friends First of all — a thank you — many of you have continued your annual support — we truly appreciate your gift. Lots of news. It a wild year and this is only March. After a delayed flight out, three planned workshops in Alberta were rescheduled but all went off successfully — the […]

Through contemporary research, creation and production, driven by a trans-disciplinary aesthetic, lbs/sq” is dedicated to reflecting, challenging, transforming and enriching a global community.

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The People

A few words from the lbs/sq" team

Gerry Trentham,<br />Artistic Director

“Over the past 20 years, lbs/sq” has produced over 30 of my works and helped me collaborate with 150+ fellow artists.  I am deeply grateful to the board, administrators, producers, volunteers and audience that have help sustain this significant part of my artistic life.”

- Gerry Trentham,
Artistic Director
Jessa Agilo,<br />Producer

“What an enviable pleasure it is to be associated with lbs/sq”, a talented bevvy of creators, designers, explorers, inventors, and pioneers extraordinaire. Both on stage and behind the scenes, it’s a whirl of dangerous discoveries and exhilarating joys each and every day.”

- Jessa Agilo,