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Our educational and mentorship offerings often partner with other organization to build interdisciplinary practice. We are working closely with associate Diane Robert’s in the development of Legacy Voice practice based in her Arrivals Legacy Project . We work with Denise Fujiwara of Fujiwara Dance Inventions to offer the new hybrid of Butoh/Voice Training.  We also produce workshops with faculty of the Moving Voice Institute that carries on the long tradition of voice work developed under the direction of David Smukler at Canada National Voice Intensive. You will also be invited into GerryTrentham’s Fields of Practice where you can engage in interdisciplinary training modules for artists and for those interested in living a more artful life.

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Connect with writers, audio narrators, public speakers, storytellers, performers and interdisciplinary artists from around the world through this week-long intensive discovering and developing your individual voice through a full-body explorative method conceived and led by acclaimed teacher, performer and choreographer/writer Gerry Trentham. 


  • Monday January 15, 6 - 9pm EST online

  • Friday January 19, 6 - 9pm EST online or in person 

  • Saturday January 20, 12 - 6pm EST online or in person 


In-Person and Remote Options Available

  • In-Person:

    • Toronto, ON -  Led by Gerry Trentham  

    • Stamford, NY - Host, facilitator, actor/producer, Marisa Caruso of the Kaats Cradle residency performance series

      • Beautiful Catskills retreat setting, limited housing available for an additional $25/day

    • Vancouver Island, BC - Host, facilitator, entrepreneurial/career coach, Martina Payette

    • Buffalo, NY - Host, facilitator SAG-AFTRA Narrator, Wendy Tremont King

    • Stay tuned for the specifics of these and other in-person locations 

  • Remote: 

    • Join from anywhere and connect with interdisciplinary writers and creatives around the world! Zoom details will be sent to all registrants leading up to the workshop week

About the Workshop:


Over two decades that began with a ten-year period at SUNY Buffalo State honing a unique performance development method, Gerry has taught performers and literary artists to exchange, share expertise and be inspired by engaging in a cross-pollinating solo show creation process. Developed through university institutions, independent workshops for participants throughout Canada, the US and abroad, and through his own inter-arts performance creation Gerry’s teaching helps participants transform authentic and autobiographical material into provocative and distinctive performance and literary possibilities. His unique physical and vocal approach to writing and solo show performance builds a range of performance action that is integral to the writer/performer, the audience and the work itself. Participants in this workshop will engage with the basis of a four-series process building skill in creation, development, objective editing, refinement and rehearsal practices that ultimately develop work that illuminates and resonates with audiences.


This first series of experiences inspires means to uncover an authentically sourced voice that opens the writer/creator to a full range of imagination. Through a series of autobiographical writing, the participants find out more about their writing voice and then learn to angle their attention to find moments that compel and move the listener. They then have the opportunity to test those moments with others as they learn to voice the tenor and texture of their writing. 

About Gerry Trentham (he/they):


Gerry Trentham's (he/they) life-long dedication to the art of performance has created their own cannon of over 40 original works for stage and screen, garnered international performance acclaim and more recently international film awards. As both a US and Canadian citizen he manages a binational reputation and focuses on bi-national US/Can collaborative projects.  They have originated roles in works of some of North America’s most renowned choreographers including during a seven-year tenure with Serge Bennathan’s Dancemakers, numerous works with Claudia Moore and Butoh artist Denise Fujiwara and most recently with Zab Maboungou. 


Their experience in both text and movement-based work has led to international directing, choreographic, teaching and mentoring opportunities. Their art and teaching focuses on the transdisciplinary - a voice/body’s range and depth of presence within installed art environments. With a lifetime of inter-arts dance/voice practice, an MFA in Theatre, a graduate diploma in Voice and Speech Teaching from York University, 25 years as research faculty of the acclaimed National Voice Intensive (now the Moving Voice Institute) and in the past decade with Denise Fujiwara in their new frontier of training, Butoh/Voice, and with Diane Roberts in the development of  Arrivals Legacy Voice sourced in her Arrivals Personal Legacy Process. They have been invited to teach their synthesis of theatre and dance practice in major performance training programs in Canada and the United States including full time positions at Canada’s National Theatre School in Montreal, University of British Columbia in Vancouver, York University in Toronto and SUNY Buffalo State where he taught, directed and choreographed from 1998 - 2008.

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For over two decades, Diane Roberts Founder and Artistic Director of Arrivals Legacy Project (ALP) and Gerry Trentham founder and Artistic Director of lbs/sq” Performance and fellow facilitators have been partnering to transform voice, movement and performance training through their joint inter-arts creation processes. They now through their organizations have been offering new programming and evolved pedagogy that centres our community of BIPOC and LGBTQS2+ creative leaders and artists (including those who may not self-identify as artists) to draw on the legacy and power of their root cultural traditions and to expand and resonate their voices (both literally and figuratively). These intentions have evolved to create a new way of thinking and practicing.

Recently from May 30 - June 3, 2023 at the Department of Film and Theatre at the University of British Columbia a group gathered in a restorative journey back to breath and embodied voice led by Arrivals Legacy Project Founder Diane Roberts with Rosemary Georgeson, Gayle Murphy, Lopa Sircar and Gerry Trentham.

They Asked...

What are the legacies that carry us forward?

What must we choose to leave behind?

This workshop is designed for all those who wish to discover their culturally storied bodies in a dynamic dance between self and other. Drawing from Ancestral sources, you will explore your root cultural voice, rhythm and performance.

Stay tuned for the next workshop! 

Produced by lbs/sq" performance and presented in partnership with

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