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Monument (2021)

Choreography by Gerry Trentham
Film Direction by William Yong
Performance by Michael Caldwell


Monument, premiered in March 2021 and continues to be honoured with screenings and accolades from film festivals around the world. It is with great excitement that we have been invited to share this film as part of Collection Regards Hybrides which launched on March 27, 2023. A colossal pan-Canadian project that puts the spotlight on screen dance like never before.

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RAY (2023)

Choreography and performance by Gerry Trentham
Film Direction by Jesse Deganis Librera 


A fourth film, RAY in the series Solos in the Dark  was initially set to be a short film.  Filmmaker Jesse Deganis Librera gathered remarkable images, directed text and captured environmental sound with his partner, filmmaker Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn. He then interlaced the film with composer John Sherlock’s trance-like music score. The film now runs a substantial 36 minutes. The film is traveling the film circuit and has won BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM at the Venice Shorts Film Festival as part of their early deadline seasonal winner. 

Jesse finished last details for a pre-screening gala on a shared program with BoucharDanse's film Woman in Blue a film by William Yong on October 17, 2022 at the Citadel Theatre in Toronto. THANKS to all those who joined us. 

Check out the sample edit for the film here and stay tuned for the premiere in spring 2024.

Photos of The Street by KD Payette2.jpeg

The Street (2022)

Choreography by Gerry Trentham
Performance by Zac Running Coyote
Film Direction and Editing by Alex Bolt


The Street featuring performer Zac Running Coyote was filmed in November 2020 and premiered online in February 2022. It carries the legacy of early small team pandemic filmmaking as we navigated masks and travel restrictions. A queer team from Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton somehow through some miracle of time and space gathered in rural Alberta. It is a powerful film and a testament to Zac’s unique presence as a performer.

View the film here


Valley of Shadows 

Fujiwara Dance Inventions and lbs/sq” presents W Zento Production

A film by William Yong

Producer - Fujiwara Dance Inventions

Co-Producer – lbs/sq” Performance

Director, Director of Photography, Editor - William Yong

Choreographer, Writer – Gerry Trentham

Choreographer, Dramaturg - Denise Fujiwara

First Assistant Camera and Camera Operator – Rachel Leung

Drone operator – Jordan Cutbill

Production Coordination - Mayumi Lashbrook

Cast: Gerry Trentham, Aaron Krogman, Gabriel Schmidt, Mayumi Lashbrook


Join us soon for the premiere in fall 2023.



Choreography by Gerry Trentham

Film by William Yong

Performed by Sylvie Bouchard and Learie Mc Nicolls

Gravity of Descent began creation and filming in the 2021/2022 season. With filmmaker William Yong the two soloists cross without touch. Sylvie Bouchard dances in ancient blue watery and womb-like landscapes, a startling image of a pregnant mother in a 22ft in diameter gown, while Learie Mc Nicolls begins in summer’s heat – a masculine contemporary descent into sorrow. The two solos cross ending in each other’s altered time and landscape.

We first gathered in March 2021 to test film of Sylvie Bouchard’s Gravity Solo at past board member Brian Scott’s farm north of Toronto (thank you Brian). In June 2022 we gathered with Sylvie and Learie after a short rehearsal at the eastern edge of Toronto’s Beaches to film Learie alone and then Sylvie and Learie together. The footage with a fuller team of creators and assistants is remarkable including, for instance, the huge dress floating in the water as Learie and Sylvie solos finally meet. All this was captured while navigating dogs - who were wonderful, dog owner locals who were rather possessive of the “public space” (hence ‘owners’) yet seemed to care little for cleaning up after themselves, and of course stormy weather and cold water which Learie and Sylvie were brave enough to brave for sake of William’s endless imagination and Gerry’s epic aesthetic. By the way we were respectful, got the permits required and left the space cleaner than we found it. We even cleaned up a lot of other’s dog poo – Toronto’s new epidemic.

Watch the trailer here


Art of Peace (part two): Arrival

Film by Pablo Cordoba 

With Collaborators Diane Roberts, Gerry Trentham, Kaersten Colvin Woodruff, Michale Caldwell, Sylvie Bouchard, Liliona Quarmyne


Adapted as a result of COVID-19 this national project shared online live feed premiere directed and choreographed by Diane Roberts and Trentham within a visual landscape by visual artist Colvin-Woodruff, performers Liliona Quarmyne (Halifax), Olivia Davies (Vancouver), Carlos Rivera (Ottawa), Michael Caldwell (Toronto), and Sylvie Bouchard (Toronto) first met in numerous online gatherings. The gatherings reviewed the past process, began visioning/creating and then gathered in residency to implement a unique presentation of danced and spoken film and live feed performance.

The work was profoundly challenging and set a rich landscape for our difficult questions. We are now completing the complicated edits of the short films made from the process and presentation including extraordinary images and sound with in-depth  interviews with all artists captured by Pablo Cardoba and Ella Cooper.

Watch the film here


Wound (2021)

Film by Gerry Trentham as part of Denise Fujiwara’s Belonging Project. Denise Fujiwara invited a select gathering of dancers to create short solo films about their experiences during the pandemic.  Gerry created a short solo film called Wound about isolation and then worked with the rest of the team to begin creating a group work called Belonging.

Watch the film here 

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