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The People
a few words from the lbs/sq" team


Gerry Trentham
Artistic Director

“Over the past 20 years, lbs/sq” has produced over 30 of my works and helped me collaborate with 150+ fellow artists.  I am deeply grateful to the board, administrators, producers, volunteers and audience that have helped sustain this significant part of my artistic life.”

VoiceIntensive09_387-v2-190x190 (1).jpg

David Smukler,

Canada’s National Voice Intensive, Founder 

“I am honoured to share the 30-year legacy of Canada’s  National Voice Intensive with Toronto via lbs/sq”. The program welcomes performers of all forms to discover, uncover and rediscover their artistic voice and has been a leader in performance training with innovations in all forms of theatre, dance, music and inter-arts fields.”


Jessa Agilo

Collaborating Artist

“What an enviable pleasure it is to be associated with lbs/sq”, a talented bevvy of creators, designers, explorers, inventors, and pioneers extraordinaire. Both on stage and behind the scenes, it’s a whirl of dangerous discoveries and exhilarating joys each and every day.”


Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff

Collaborating Artist

“It’s an honor to collaborate with Gerry Trentham and his associates here at lbs/sq”. Through working together I’ve gained a new perspective on my artwork, and developed a richer vocabulary which has transformed and strengthened my aesthetic.”


Lorraine Parow

Collaborating Artist

"Since the 90’s Gerry and I have woven each of our personalities into deep and meaningful projects together. Through the complexity of each of our creative spirits, together we have contributed to one another. Either of us taking the lead, each of us flowing gratefully behind the other. While both of us enjoy the fruits of our creative contribution with yet another very unexpected project our respect and friendship has grown." 


Diane Roberts

Associate Artist

“It started with a meeting around a table in Grad school. We admired each other’s work. With our own paths in front of us, we danced around the possibility of collaboration ‘someday… somehow…’ I’m thrilled to have our paths converge in such a wonderful way and look forward to a rich collaboration with Gerry and the associates at lbs/sq”. My wandering heart has found a home.”


Michael Caldwell

Associate Artist

“My relationship with Gerry and lbs/sq” has slowly evolved over the past few years, from coffee and dinner chats about the nature of art and life to a collaborative artistic practice and process, engaging fully in the work of the company.  I’m thrilled to continue this evolution in the future.”

Sara-Porter-190x190 (1).png

Sara Porter
Associate Artist

“I first saw Gerry wheel his wheelbarrow across the stage in 2013 and I thought, “I’ve got to get to know this guy.” His generosity in performance, his knowledge and breadth of experience in such a wide range of performance skills: voice, acting, improvisation, choreography, dancing, writing, directing … the list goes on… is inspiring and motivating.“


Lani Weissbach
Associate Artist

“Working with Gerry is profoundly inspirational, both personally and professionally. Without a doubt, my association with Gerry and the lbs/sq” team feels like an essential next step for my growth as a movement artist and educator. I am honored to be a part of this organization and excited to see what develops from this invaluable liaison.”


Jessie Garon

Associate Artist

“I first met Gerry while working with him as a student at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. His belief in generosity and curiosity as essential elements of both process and presentation greatly influenced my view on performance. Now I look forward to the evolution this relationship will bring as Vazari joins the team at lbs/sq”.”


Tamara Freeman

Associate Artist

“I feel as though every time I work with Gerry I am celebrating yet another birthday, for every time without fail, I am being mentored and my eyes, along with my imagination, widen to a world of possibilities. I am so incredibly blessed to have both Gerry and lbs/sq” in my life to watch and encourage me to grow as an artist.”


Jillian Peever

Associate Artist

"Gerry’s knowledge of the spoken word has fascinated me since I first began studying with him as a student and emerging dance artist. Now as I discover my voice as a choreographer, experimenting with words and facilitating an active audience, Gerry and lbs/sq” is a major pillar of support. Our conversations are philosophical and pose questions that make my head swim with curiosity."


David Kraft
Associate Artist

“As an associate artist, it has been great to see how ideas and relationships evolve.  It has been exciting to see the conversation we’ve had grow into a living entity.  Watching Gerry’s work, I have become stronger and more captivating as an artist.”

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