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Gerry Trentham, Artistic Director

Karen Bennedsen, Financial Manager

Martina Payette, Team Development & Digital/Live Coordinator

Sienna Pandya-James, Marketing & Communications Director

Marisa Carusa, CAN/US Binational Producer

Mayumi Lashbrook, 30th Anniversary Project Manager

Matt Eger, Granting Writing, Producing, Strategic Planning (Administrative Producer at Dance Umbrella of Ontario)


Board of Directors

Lisa Sommers, President

Lina Ottaviano, Treasurer

Jen-Yi Hum, Secretary

Gerry Trentham, Director and CEO

Primary Artistic Associates

Diane Roberts, Fulcrum Associate, Arrivals Legacy Project & Legacy Voice Director

Michael Caldwell, Fulcrum Associate & The Gardener and the Horse Co-Creator

Aria Evans, Buoyancy Creation Associate & Holder of the Heart

Calder White, Buoyancy Creation Associate

Tia Kushniruk, Buoyancy Creation Associate

Michael Mortley, Buoyancy Creation Associate

Rosemary Georgeson, Elder and Arrvials Legacy Voice Facilitator

Lopa Sircar, Arrvials Legacy Voice Facilitator

Tiffany Thomas, Fulcrum Associate

Jesse Garon, Fulcrum Associate

Sara Porter, Fulcrum Associate

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