Co-presented by the Moving Voice Institute and lbs/sq” performance.


These five Saturdays of intensive voice and body work are designed as a series to prepare you for the reemergence of your voice/body presence back into public spaces and venues. How do we move from our isolation and distance in a digital world to impact the live spaces where we will once again meet. How will our bodies and voices begin to translate our experiences of the pandemic? How will we breathe more fully once again. These five Saturdays are an invitation to research this transition consciously. What is now necessary to be public in our changed landscape, our changing world.


 In addition to the exceptional workshops, you will be invited to join us for optional special events and a morning sunrise ceremony to the sonics of MVI alumna and artist Lisa C. Ravensbergen each Saturday prior to the workshop included with the price of tuition.




Dates & Times

May 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29

12:00pm - 3:00pm EDT



$50 per class, or $225 for all five


May 1 - Voice/Body/Mind Presence with Gerry Trentham & Denise Fujiwara 

May 8 - Unearthing Voice with David Smukler & Matthew Rossoff 
May 15 - Surprise Yourself! with Cindy Block & Lisa Beley 
May 22 - Voice Becomes Text with Gary Logan & Ausar Stewart 
May 29 - Arrivals Legacy Voice with Diane Roberts & Lopa Sircar