co-presented by the Moving Voice Institute and lbs/sq” performance


Arrivals Legacy Voice with Diane Roberts and Lopa Sircar

Saturday May 29

12:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Cost: $50


Co-presented by the Arrivals Legacy Project. Join Diane Roberts and Lopa Sircar as you investigate an emergence from silence to voice.  What if you could be the presence in this world that this tumultuous time has called you to? How can you let the past transform your future in these present and altering moments of unknowing?  How do we sound the legacies we carry and those we must leave behind?


Past Workshops 
May 1 - Voice/Body/Mind Presence with Gerry Trentham & Denise Fujiwara 

May 8 - Unearthing Voice with David Smukler & Matthew Rossoff 
May 15 - Surprise Yourself! with Cindy Block & Lisa Beley 
May 22 - Voice Becomes Text with Gary Logan & Ausar Stewart