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The Gardener and the Horse

Canadian dancer/choreographer/interdisciplinary artists Michael Caldwell and Gerry Trentham (Lbs/Sq” Performance) continue the development of their ongoing duet performance The Gardener and The Horse in residence at Espacio Armando in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the month of February 2024. Espacio Armando is led by artist Franz David Toro who produces theater, dance, music and film as part of the company’s multi-disciplinary season.


This partnership fosters exciting opportunities for international collaboration and creative cultivation which both parties expect to benefit from with future iterations of The Gardener and The Horse and other respective projects. This residency will include two weeks of pure exploration, experimentation and development along with a scheduled live-streamed event for remote and international viewers. Michael and Gerry will look to turn the camera on for spontaneous YouTube live streams of development sessions, integrating a voyeuristic element into the creation of their wild, rough-around-the-edges piece. Audiences in-person and remote are welcome to join these lively, interactive presentations where the performers have just as many questions as the viewers, resulting in an experience that varies between poignant, ridiculous, intimate, and comical.

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 12.58.01 PM.png

You are invited into a hybrid interactive happening, as performance artists Michael Caldwell and Gerry Trentham grow older with you, in an intimate queer sanctuary of dance, performance, art and life. Questioning all and diving into curiosity, Michael and Gerry explore this unique moment in time while transitioning through various stages of life; there is no telling what might happen or not happen, as all realities become…potential.


Thursday, Feb. 22 and Saturday, Feb. 24:

The event is free to the public who become a reality of audience.

Saturday, Feb. 24:

7 pm EST (9 pm in Buenos Aires) 

Youtube live-streamed experiment

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About Espacio Armando: ESPACIO ARMANDO – Collaborate & Create


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