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11092011four mad humours534.jpg
11092011four mad humours534.jpg

Solos in the Dark

11092011four mad humours534.jpg
11092011four mad humours534.jpg


1) From Art of Peace: Part One – Invitation (2016)

Although a number of solos stand out in this work, one in particular offered a window in the darkness of war. Michael Caldwell performs Monument on the small space on top of a table to a striking composition by dancer/composer Julia Aplin. This disturbing solo, which completed the hour-long Part One – Invitation, inspired revealing dialogue in the following audience discussions. The film by filmmaker  William Yong and choreographer Gerry Trentham has won international acclaim at film festivals and premiers in March 13, 2021 on our PoundsART channel.


2) From Autobiography: Chapters One through Five (2003)

Chapter 2 – The Street was originally performed as a solo by Trentham and later a duet featuring Bonnie Kim and Michael Trent in the full-length work presented by DanceWorks at the then Premiere Dance Theatre. This powerful section of the work deals with a moment of transgression – the loss of sexual innocence and gay transgression in a move to the big city, (dreams vs realities). The text and movement created by Trentham and imagery by video artist Jamie O’Neil to a live solo electric guitar are at times darkly funny and deeply disruptive. Zach RunningCoyote and Trentham have recreated the solo for film and captured the amazing footage throughout Alberta and British.  The film's premier is set for Fall 2021. 


3) From Gravity of Decent (1995)

Gravity of Descent investigates loss in a slow-moving, quiet-sounding unwind of a long dress train/bundle across the length of the stage.  Originally created on Susanna Hood and Gary Tai in 1995, Gravity of Descent  was  remounted on performers 

Sylvie Bouchard and Learie Mc Nicolls for a co-production in fall 2019 with BoucharDanse and now is being captured on film in locations  throughout southern Ontario. Look for its premiere in spring 2022.

4) From Four Mad Humours (2011)

Trentham will remount the acclaimed solo Yellow Scale from the Dora nominated Four Mad Humours (2011). Originally part of four 40-minute solos connected through real time media in four cities, this solo pushes the performer to the edge of sanity, the choleric (fiery) humour and challenges stereotypes related to losing one’s mind. In discussions with his mentor and collaborator Denise Fujiwara, she referred to this solo as a master work and encouraged him to remount the solo. We recently presented the solo in  a partnership with Associate Artist Lani Weissbach and No Exit Theatre in Indianapolis and presently are filming the solo on location in upstate New York.  This final Solo in the Dark will premiere in fall 2022.

In Solos in the Dark, Trentham will remount four of his most artistically compelling solos. each deeply constructed out of the darkness of loss.

Each of the following 25th solos will be captured and presented on film through 2022. 

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