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Under Pressure: Where Roots Take Hold

Celebration & Fundraiser

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at the CCDT (509 Parliament, Toronto, ON), 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


I cannot thank each of you enough for the wonderful evening that we shared last Wednesday at our celebration, Under Pressure: Where Roots Take Hold.


Thanks to all who attended. It was a hug fest, where new roots definitely took hold at perhaps our last lbs/sq” event at CCDT. There is nothing that I like more than seeing brilliant artists of various forms getting the chance to meet and plan some new joint visions. Cooperation between differences that were once at a distance and isolated collides into a kind of ecotone of incubating innovation.


I am so excited by the Gravity film we pre-screened — and how we discussed it afterward (thanks William Yong and Jason George). It is a powerful testament to the depth of repeated collaboration!


Thank you to Michael Mortley for filming us, and for your work on the Buyoyancy film and overall glorious party presence. To Board members, thank you for rocking it out with the food - Lisa Sommers and drink - Jen Hum and Brodie Stevenson. And to Loud Army Kimani Peter, thank you for introducing us to the amazing artist, KynRose. We missed you Lina Ottaviano but thank you for all your planning.


Dear James Kendal, who ran the whole show – you are a miracle and to Oriana Pagnotta for your great guidance before, during and afterwards. Thanks to all the lbs staff: Martina Payette, Matt Eger, Sienna Pandya-James, and Karen Bennedsen for making this year a dedication to resilience and for your generous participation.


To Marisa Caruso and Megan Rakeepile, thank you for your divine performances and all the help that evening. And to Sylvie Bouchard (and Learie Mc Nicolls) for their virtual impact and dedication to the project over years.


Thank you ALL for creating such a beautiful gathering of friend artists and artist friends to make such a rich evening..


Cheers all, till we meet again,


Gerry Trentham

Founder and Artistic Director

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